• Some of the best fishing waters in Sweden are located within flying-distance from Fiskflyg. Here you can find arctic char, grayling and trout far away from any other fishermen or hikers.

  • Combine your hike with a helicopter flight and enjoy the views from above as well. It will give you an extra dimension to your experience!

  • Around the mountains, people mainly hunt for ptarmigan and for grouse down in the woods. We can recommend different areas for hunting depending on previous reports, weather and season to tailor the trip to your preferences.

  • During the summer we have scheduled daily flights to several destinations so you can reserve a seat for a cheaper price.

  • We can transport hot tubs, saunas, snowmobiles, ATWs and much more with great precision to remote locations, without leaving any trace or damage to the nature. Read more about how we can help you and your project!

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Since 2015 Fiskflyg AB is operating under Rotor Service Nordens AOC.

Rotor Service Norden AB is a co-operation between Fiskflyg AB and Heli i Arjeplog AB. RSN AB holds the required authorisation while Fiskflyg AB and Heli i Arjeplog AB are marketing companies.




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