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The mountains offer some fantastic hunting areas for birds. Here you will find crystal clear water, spectacular views and untouched nature.


To preserve the nature and wildlife, the hunting have some rules that you need to follow. This way you will contribute to excellent experiences for future hunters as well.

Around the mountains, people mainly hunt for ptarmigan and for grouse down in the woods. We can recommend different areas for hunting depending on previous reports, weather and season to tailor the trip to your preferences.

People that are not Scandinavian residents must use a specially approved hunting licens seller.

Read more about the regulations regarding hunting at Länsstyrelsen webpage

Sjöfallet helikopter bas

Stora Sjöfallet is surrounded by a beautiful varying landscape of high mountain tops, ridges, and deep valleys. It is an environment that offers great hunting for ptarmigan and grouse.

We can fly you out to your desired area from our base with local and experienced pilots or recommend areas depending on weather, season and what other hunters have experienced.

Popular areas are Tjokkolis, south of Petsaure and north of Sitojaure.

Ritsem helikopter bas

Ritsem is located among high mountains and have areas with plenty of ptarmigan and grouse. We can without effort transport you with our helicopters to your hunting spot embedded in spectacular nature. Our pilots are experienced and have great local knowledge.

Some popular areas include Ajevagge, Kaisemirro, Seukok wally, Upmas and Kätsak

Kvikkjokk delta helikopterbas

Kvikkjokk is surrounded by beautiful mountains and valleys that have some very good hunting for grouse and ptarmigan.

From our base in Kvikkjokk we can fly you out in the wild for your hunting trip. With local and experienced pilots we can help with deciding where you should go to get the most out of your trip.

Popular areas include Tarra, Kurravagge, Sjellaouolta, Skielta, Kaisatj and Kabla.

In co-operatin with the Sami villages we can also offer cabins out in the wild for rent.


From Silvervägen towards Norway, you turn towards our helicopter base in Tjärnberg. From there, we fly you out to your hunting experience in the Arjeplog Mountains!

Here you have access to excellent hunting, whether you're looking for forest birds in the lower landscapes or if you are looking for mountain and valley ptarmigan in the valleys and on the high mountain area.

Our local pilots with knowledge of the Arjeplog Mountains will assist you with your hunting trip!

Some fine hunting areas include: Njassja, Vallåive, Maranvaley, and Tjidtjak.

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