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The Swedish mountains offer great fishing. You will be surrounded by clean, crystal clear water, spectacular views and untouched nature.

To preserve the nature and wildlife, the fishing have some rules that you need to follow. This way you will contribute to excellent experiences for future fishermen as well.

Some of the best fishing waters in Sweden are located within flying-distance from Fiskflyg. Here you can find arctic char, grayling and trout far away from any other fishermen or hikers.


Our pilots have long experience of flying in this area and has a lot of local knowledge.

Fishing license can be bought at all our bases or online. Read more about current regulations and information at https://www.lansstyrelsen.se/norrbotten/djur/fiske/fiska-i-fjallen.html

We stand ready to fly you from Stora Sjöfallet to some of the more remote fishing waters. With local pilots and long experience we can help you to get an unforgettable fishing trip to the wild.

The well-known Kaitum river is within flying-distance from the base and offers exceptional fishing of grayling, trout and arctic char. If you are looking for lakes instead of rivers we can recommend Arasjaure and Njalatjaure in the Ultevis area. A great alternative closer to our base could be the stream between Petsaure and Rissajaure.

From Ritsem we can fly you to some of the best fishing in the area. We take you countless lakes, streams and rivers with local and experienced pilots that can help you get a perfect fishing trip.
Within this are there are great places for fly-fishing, spinners and fishing from boats for arctic char and trout.

Our base in Kvikkjokk is located at the end of the road and thus perfect to get you to remote areas where you will be alone. We can fly you to lakes, rivers or streams depending on what you prefer. Our local and experienced pilots know a lot about the area and can give suggestions on different destinations. There are loads of arctic char, trout and grayling in the area with plenty of good spots for your camping base.

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Rotor Service Norden AB is a co-operation between Fiskflyg AB and Heli i Arjeplog AB. RSN AB holds the required authorisation while Fiskflyg AB and Heli i Arjeplog AB are marketing companies.




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