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Strömgatan 43

982 60, Porjus


Fiskflyg's history

Fiskflyg started as early as 1942 by the Lundkvist brothers , then as a fish wholesaler and boat transport company.


In 1953, the first seaplane, a Republic RC-3 “Sea-Bee”, was purchased and thereby expanded its operations to include air transport of persons, goods, fish and supplies, outside the Lule River area as well.

The airline business went well and the company expanded. The seaplane grew and helicopters were purchased. 


The company has during its 80-year history adapted to the wishes of the times and customers. Today, boat transport, seaplane and fish wholesaler operations have been discontinued, leaving a helicopter company with nine helicopters and a fourth-generation service workshop with knowledge, local knowledge and stories.

Fiskflyg historia seabee
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