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Ritsem - Staloluokta 









on request

on request

PLEASE NOTE: That the times might be adjusted if there are any changes in the bus timetable.

Book a scheduled flight!

Travelers must arrive at Fiskflyg's landing site 30 minutes before departure.

If you are traveling by bus, we understand that you cannot be there in advance, but remember to tell the bus driver when you get on the bus that you want to get off at the helicopter base. This way he can make your luggage easily accessible at arrival as our stop is about one km before the usual bus stop.

Terms and conditions for scheduled flights

  • The times for all tours are approximate and cannot be guaranteed.

  • In bad weather, the flight can be delayed.

  • Please note that the timetable may be changed in case of changes in the Länstrafiken bus timetable.

  • The trip must be pre-booked by us or alternatively by our representative in Staloluokta.

  • Children up to 6 years fly for half the price.

  • Children under 2 years fly for free.

  • Free luggage weight 20 kg / person, then extra charge and subject to space


We are grateful for the down payment no later than one week before departure. Pay to our bank giro 611-3195, enter flight number and name. If you do not have flight numbers available, enter the flight route, name and date of departure. For example, "Ritsem-Staloluokta, P Andersson July 21"

At the bases you can pay with credit/debit cards or cash 

Cancellation / changes

Cancellations and changes are free of charge up to 7 days before departure. Cancellation 1-6 days before departure 50% of the price of the trip is charged. Cancellation less than 24 hours before departure, full price for the trip is charged. Changes later than 7 days before departure is charged with SEK 300 / person

Travel information
Padjelanta, information folder
– Klick here to download
Kutjaure, information folder
– Klick here to download


Guides and equipment

If you want guided hiking events or rent equipment such as canoes, tent, clothes etc. you can contact our partner

Laponia Adventures.


Emergency transmitter and satellite phone
If you want to rent emergency transmitters or satellite phones during your stay in the wilderness, you can contact our partner Laponia Adventures

Primus Gas / firewood

Gas containers and firewood are available for sale at all summer bases (Ritsem, Stora Sjöfallet and Kvikkjokk).

Prior departure

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