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Fiskflyg will be established in Arjeplog from the 1st of October!

Fiskflyg AB has bought helicopters from Heli in Arjeplog AB and will be established in Arjeplog from the first of October 2022. The operational activities continue as before through Rotor Service Norden AB and we will be available all year round at the existing helicopter base in Arjeplog.

Since 2015, Fiskflyg and Heli in Arjeplog have been running the company Rotor Service Norden AB, which is a merger of the flight operational parts of both companies.

- The sale of Heli in Arjeplog will be done since the company decided to wind down its operational activities, which is part of a natural process, says Emil Sundberg, who is in the management of Heli in Arjeplog and works as flight operations manager and accountable manager in Rotor Service Norden.

Heli in Arjeplog will continue to run the Miekak fishing camp as before and it is only the operational part of the business that is affected by the sale. The existing staff will continue to work as before and there is also the opportunity to contribute with additional resources if the tasks require this.

In Arjeplog we will, among other things, be at your service for passenger transport, experiences, inventory, lifting jobs, missions in electricity distribution and air services in reindeer herding.

We are very much looking forward to take over and continue with the activities that Heli in Arjeplog has conducted until now.


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