Digital Detox

In this option you will be completely disconnected from today’s stressful connected society. Enjoy the mountains the way it should be – without cell phone reception or electricity. You will get used to and love the simple and relaxed life, far away from civilisation.

We can arrange minibus transfers from nearby airports or train stations if you wish. Contact us and we will tell you more about what we can offer!




Do you want to be completely alone in the nature? Then Sierkaluokta is the right place for your digital detox. Here your only company will be spectacular views, peace and quiet.

About the trip:

  • Helicopter both ways, Ritsem – Staloluokta

  • Boat ride both ways, Staloluokta – Sierkaluokta

  • Stay for two nights in the traditional Sami cabin, room for 3 persons

  • 18.200 SEK for maximum 3 persons

  • Extra night can be added for 1.200 SEK

Do you want to live in a traditional Sami village? Then the cabin in Kutjaure is the right destination for you. You will stay with Sami as neighbors and with spectacular views of the three largest national parks in Sweden.

About the trip:

  • Helicopter both ways, Ritsem – Kutjaures

  • Stay for two nights in the cabin, room for 4 persons

  • 12.600 SEK for maximum 4 persons

  • Extra night can be added for 1.400 SEK

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