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Since 2015 Fiskflyg AB is operating under Rotor Service Nordens AOC.

Rotor Service Norden AB is a co-operation between Fiskflyg AB and Heli i Arjeplog AB. RSN AB holds the required authorisation while Fiskflyg AB and Heli i Arjeplog AB are marketing companies.

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To the top

The perfect alternative if you want to try hiking in the mountains but don’t feel ready for a longer trip. We have helicopters ready to take you from any of our bases and out to a mountain top nearby.

You will be able to enjoy the views of Sarek, Padjelanta or Stora sjöfallet national parks, both from the air and during the hike.

Choose between hiking back by yourself, or get picked up at the end of the day.

From Kaskatjåkkå you will have an easy hike of about 10 km down to Vaisaluokta by the shore of Akkajaure where we will pick you up and fly back to Ritsem.

Cost for helicopter transport:

2.000 SEK/person, minimum 3 persons


Available 2020-jun-22 to 2020-sep-27

Take a helicopter flight up to Slugga for a great experience.

Bring your own lunch and enjoy a meal with spectacular views. You will be able to see far in to Sarek national park.

Price from 5.600 SEK for maximum 4 passengers.

Available 2020-jun-22 to 2020-sep-27

Fly up to the top of Snjerak and enjoy the view of Sarek national park in the north. Walk a short distance to a cabin to enjoy your lunch and then begin the easy hike (5 km) down to Kvikkjokk.

Price 800 SEK/person, minimum three passengers.

Available 2020-jun-22 to 2020-sep-27

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